How an old-fashioned cluttered resource section on a corporate website was reinvigorated with new designs, stronger UX, and revised categorizations.


Organizing a variety of different types of content, including white-papers, webinars, and blog posts, in an intuitive fashion that lets users both drill down to the exact topics they're searching for as well as browse the array of content available in the resource library.


The project starting with taking inventory of roughly 350 assets across various content types. Outdated assets were identified to be removed to allow more visibility to the content that is current and influences the marketing funnel. A collaborative exercise between product owners, content creators, and leadership was utilized to help identify the categories of content that aligned with business needs and how users searched for solutions. Detailed functionality requirements were created to fuel wireframes that could meet the objectives of the revamped section of the website. Wireframes were shared and discussed with various stakeholders for input. Modifications were made based on feedback from the tiger team of stakeholders and digital best practices. Finalized wireframes led to designs being created using brand guidelines. Next came the back end development work which was created and QA'd using agile methodology. Once the development was ready, existing content was migrated to the the development server where a final quality assurance testing protocol was used to allow for a successful section launch.

Strong planning and detailed requirements leads to a smooth execution.


  1. The project launched on time and within the planned budget.
  2. Heatmap data showed users were able to successuflly navigate the new section.
  3. Pageviews increased 18%, while time on page increased 32%.
  4. Lead volume saw an uptick of 12% which helped fuel the funnel for sales teams.

Content filtering allows users to search by various categories to drill down to their area of interest.
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