Improving the conversion rate to provide a better use of advertising dollars.


Seeing a significant amount of demand and website traffic go to landing page for a white paper was encouraging, yet it was clear there was untapped potential. The white paper was the destination for paid campaigns in both Google Ads and LinkedIn and if the conversion rate could be increased, there would be greater return on ad spend.


A two pronged conversion rate optimization approach was used to understand what could be improved. First the current landing page (Control) was evaluated for common best practices that help raise conversion rates which at the time were at 4.72%. It was clear the page was a bit bare and could benefit from design changes. Next data for the Control landing page was evaluated including looking at heatmaps and screen recordings to view where website users encountered friction. After reviewing the data and factoring in missing best practices, a new landing page layout (Variant) was created that included:

  1. A CTA button that resided above the fold in both mobile and desktop devices.
  2. Logos of existing customers, which are industry leaders and recognizable, to help build trust.
  3. Testimonials of existing customers to add social proof and legitimacy.
Small changes can yield big results that will provide valuable ROI for digital marketing efforts.

A straight A/B split test was set up which diverted 50% of the traffic from the Control landing page to the Variant. It ran for 20 days until the test reached statistical significance.


  1. The Variant outperformed the Control by providing a 37% lift in conversions.
  2. The Control page earned 106 conversions while the Variant earned 149 conversions.
  3. Users were more responsive to the new landing page layout which was then rolled out for other assets including webinars, reports and events.

Here's a look at Control landing page:

This is the Variant landing page that proved to convert 37% better.

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